Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blood is thicker than spaghetti sauce

Today was the family reunion for Geoff's Italian side of the family. They are loud, fun, a little weird and they love to eat.
I wish I could have gotten some photos of the food spread, but trust me when I say it was massive.

Geoff was in charge of the games for the kids this year and he did a great job.
First came the Pinata...and Lorelei gave it her best shot.
(Yes, we used someones cane...and yes, the pinata was shaped like a bird)

Then it was time for water balloons. Tip on filling up water balloons: Fill them up all the way, or they will just bounce off and not break. Geoff and I both filled up half of the balloons each, and I am proud to say that MINE burst just fine. (Geoff's just hurt the kids.)

This is the ugliest Jesus (or other) statue I have ever seen. (and the general consensus is the same as mine...not too many people like it.)

It's at a church on I-75 near Middletown, and it just reeks. All of you who know me personally are aware that I don't subscribe to any religion, so I have no qualms in saying that this Jesus is awful. The story is that it started out much smaller, but this church doesn't do anything small. So it grew and grew. And now it's just obscene. It's not even artistically pleasing...the dimensions are unbalanced, like his hands are way too big, and his arms are grossly malformed. The cross in front of him is pitifully small compared to the rest of him. And to top it off, at night two yellow lights come on under the fountains and it looks for all the world like he is urinating.

(I can sense some of you pulling away...come on back.)

I appreciate a good Jesus statue as much as the next person. But this is not one of them.


Shannon said...

Susan - Jake calls the "big scary Jesus". Everytime I see this I can't help but think to myself how many under privilaged children could have had a thanksgiving dinner, christmas, backpacks for school, books, new clothes or shoes, healthcare, or money for college, for what it cost to build this statue. Now I know that I am not christian, but from what I was taught as a child isn't that what Jesus would have done, instead of erecting a bizarre statue? Sorry for the rant, buy hey you started it....

LauraHinNJ said...

Churches are built to glorify God, so why not do it in a big way, right?


That's not my taste, but I come from plain Pennsylvania Dutch people.

Sounds like you had a fun party. Did you do an egg toss, too?

MojoMan said...

Hey...Am I dreaming, or did I see a post about that staute? It seems to have disappeared before I could read it. Self-editing, or holy hacker attack?

Susan Gets Native said...

You're not dreaming. I did have a post up about that statue and church, but it was brought to my attention that what I wrote could be seen as slander and someone may want to sue me. I don't particularly care what the people at that church think, but to keep the peace, I took down the post. I will edit it and put it back up soon.