Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A post about chicks and scopes

First, my chicks: Today the preschool had a Mother's Day Tea and Isabelle made me some notecards, a picture and a handprint poem. Lorelei made me two magnets and a picture of herself.

Second, the chickadee's chicks: While wandering the yard today thinking about all the stuff I needed to be doing for the trip, I peeked in on our chickadee nest and was rewarded with at least 3 little yellow begging mouths. Sweet! By the time I had informed Geoff and grabbed my camera and flashlight, Mama bird was sitting back inside facing the entrance giving me a "Come on, I dare you" look. So pics will have to wait.

Scopes: When the next gift-giving holiday rolls around, I would like to ask my DH for a scope, and I would appreciate any fellow birder insights into a good one. Not sure about one in the "Rolls-Royce" range, but maybe in the "Prius" range. Any thoughts?


Cletus said...

If you was 'a lookin' fer the Rolls I'd tell ya 'bout the scope I use on my bazooka when i go huntin' squirrels fer supper, but for a good econo' model scope, the Schmowzser 350 can be duct taped onta' yer trusty AK-47 an you can blast them suckers outa any tree within a thousand yards. That is what ya meant aint it?

LauraHinNJ said...

Get a sturdy tripod - Bogen/Manfrotto makes good ones -pay attention to what the scope and tripod weigh and decide if you'd be willing to lug it around.

A scope with an angled eyepiece is probably preferable, though harder to learn to use.

I have a Leica scope - wish I had bought the angled, rather than straight eyepiece. Hate to carry it because it's heavy. If your hubby birds with you, that doesn't matter - make him carry it.

My philosophy is that it makes sense to save for good quality optics that you'll only have to buy once. If you don't have good bins, buy them first. Bird with groups, cause people with scopes are always willing to share - that way you can use some and see what type you like best. HTH!

Are you dropping hints for Mother's Day? *grin*

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, my Mother's Day gift is this birding trip, but it's never too soon to think about Christmas and my birthday, right?
(which is January 2, if anyone would like to send a card, a gift, money, that sort of thing.)

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Cletus. That's just the info I was looking for.

Laura, thanks for the advice. It makes sense to save up for optics. My Dad was big on "you get what you pay for" and "Get the best instead of the cheapest".
Geoff doesn't really "bird" with me...he's more of a moral support/childcare provider/financial officer.