Friday, April 21, 2006

In my next life, I'm gonna be Birdchick

She's at Bear River today, and it sounds like she's practically stumbling over the birds, it's so great.


Endment said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea :) Did you notice - she is digiscoping with her binoculars? Very creative!
Have been having internet problems again so this is another catch up day.

Susan Gets Native said...

Hope the internet gets straightened out for you-
You know, I have been using my binoculars to scope and I thought I was being stupid. I thought, "if you can digiscope, why can't you digibin? Or Biniscope?"

Hers are WAY better than mine, anyway.
I love her blog...and I have requested to become her assistant and carry all those heavy optics. She thanked me for the offer...