Friday, April 21, 2006

Calling all shovels

I have worn Geoff down enough for him to admit that a pond in the backyard would be a good idea.
1. Where to put it?
CHECK: In the soggy section between the house and the pine island
2. How big should it be?
CHECK: As big as we can handle. Sites I researched all said that the pond you get will be about 30% smaller than you envisioned, and one of the top mistakes made in making a pond is starting too small.
3. How to dig a hole that big?
I am totally sure that everyone in the immediate area, and possibly beyond (Cathy, Laura, Endment, you up for it?) would love to come help us dig a really big, really muddy hole in our yard.
Okay, okay, people! Calm down! Everyone will get a chance!
No pushing!


Totally Anonymous said...

Some unidentified mother-in-law worries about a pond where children can get/fall into it.

son of totally anonymous said...

If this pond comes about--I didn't realize I was completely worn down yet--and it probably will come about, there will be a fence around it. I'm worried about the same thing, so that issue--one way or another--is going to be addressed.

Susan Gets Native said...

Son of totally anonymous: Yes, you are worn down. Accept it and carry on with all my wishes.
Totally anonymous: Please tell the unidentified MIL that the pond will only be about 4 feet deep or less...just deep enough so that the fish can overwinter. And like your son stated, there will be a fence...and supervision...and...hey, wait a minute! I'm an responsible adult here! Has anyone ever told this unidentified MIL that she is a know-it-all?

Very-Close-Associate of Totally Anonymous said...

Hmmm, by strange --- coincidence? --- son of "Totally..." just happened to write an article in the April issue of Baby Talk Magazine entitled "When Grandma's a Know-it-All."

LauraHinNJ said...

I'll come dig - send directions!

Seriously, my husband did it himself in a day or two. More of a problem is what to do with all the dirt - make sure you have a plan for that. Expect every kid in the neighborhood to wander by, too.

I'll send you some links if you'd like. Maybe post pics on my blog of our pond when we built it.

Shannon said...

I would be more than happy to come and dig, but only if you come and help me pick out what native plants to put in my yard. I am however having a vision of a dripping wet Nellie standing at the back door.

Susan Gets Native said...

Not to worry...Nellie is hydrophobic. We have tried to get her to get into water, and she's not having it.