Sunday, April 09, 2006

Birds and Rats

Two topics that are close to my heart are the subject of today's post.

Laura sent me this link to a story on CNN about a rat adopting baby bunnies...Awwww.
Thanks, Laura!

There is a Great Horned Owl nest at Lake Isabella, that I went looking for on Saturday to no avail. I got in touch with a photographer who was there a few days ago during banding of the chicks, and he has directed me to which tree the owls are in. They should be "branching" soon, so if you go, they may even be on the ground. The owls are in a blue can in a tree that you can see if you pull straight into the parking lot just in front of the play equipment.


LauraHinNJ said...

The photos in the link are great! Little baby owlets are so cute!

But, why are they nesting in a blue can?

Susan Gets Native said...

I heard that last year, they nested on a manmade platform, and that maybe fell down, so the park is trying a big can.
From what I read, GH owls use old hawk nests, etc.

I hope to get photos of the fuzzy little darlings, and of course will share them with my blog community.