Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Now you don't have an excuse!

Found this on the National Wildlife Federation's website...Brilliant idea...
Grow Wild
American Beauties for the BackyardNational Wildlife Federation, partners set to debut line of native plants:

Spring's a season when many homeowners have planting on the brain. They trek to local garden centers in search of new flora, but are often left confused by all the choices: Is the plant I like good for wildlife? Does it grow naturally in my area? A groundbreaking program giving native plants their own brand name will help eliminate this guesswork.
NWF has partnered with North Creek Nurseries and Prides Corner Farms to create the American Beauties™ collection. Approximately 100 varieties of native plants and their cultivars, including trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses, will be included in the new line, which will be sold at garden centers from New England to the Mid-Atlantic beginning in March.
"The Federation encourages people to landscape with wildlife in mind, and incorporating natives is a big part of that," says Greg Griffith, NWF's director of cause-related marketing. "Native plants require less water, fertilizer and pest control than exotics, and they provide animals with food and shelter."
American Beauties plants will come in sage green pots bearing the brand's logo (inset) and will be divided into four garden categories: bird, butterfly, dry shade and moist sun. A portion of the proceeds from each plant sold will help fund NWF's conservation and education work. The latest information will be available January 2006!


LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for the link. Now I know where my money will be going once it's planting time.

Endment said...

Tried to contact through the link and got Prides Corner Farms which seem to be somehow connected with White Flower Farms. I have been looking for native plants but haven't been able to connect through this link...

any other suggestions?

Susan Gets Native said...

Turns out that link doesn't really go anywhere. I guess the best bet is to contact them the old-fashioned phone or mail.

Pride Corner Farms
122 Waterman Rd.
Lebanon, CT 06249

The NWF website said that this line would be available in March...well, it's March! And I read further that the line will be sold from New England to the Mid-Atlantic. That leaves me out!

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