Monday, March 20, 2006

My brilliant daughter

You can tell that Isabelle is the daughter of a writer. She comes up with the best pet names. She named her fish CUTER, because he was "cuter" than other fish. And the list of names for my fish tank is impressive. Well, she's outdone herself this time. When I asked her what the boy bird's name should be, she said, "ECHO".

If there's a better name for a bird than that, I'm sure I can't think of one.


Isabelle's writer father said...

I'd like to echo your sentiment. Hahahahah... hah, ha... ha... never mind. It wasn't that funny. But I do agree that it's a neat name.

Susan Gets Native said...

Clutch the pearls!
Geoff actually left a comment without me harping on him? Is the world still turning?