Monday, March 13, 2006

I think we will be sending the vet's children through college. Nellie is now in the animal hospital. She has never been this sick. She has been vomiting for three days, and when I saw how dehydrated she was, I knew it was time to take her in. When I called for an update this afternoon, the Doc didn't have anything definitive, but the X-rays showed no foreign objects (like the chicken bones Nellie ate a few weeks ago) and she is showing no signs of infection (like from the rotten steak she found in the bushes that I had thrown out for the racoons a month ago). The vet is running blood work to rule out pancreatitis and some other things. Keep Nellie in your thoughts...those of you who have met her know that there is no sweeter dog in the world, and I frankly don't know if I can take losing another beloved pet right now.

And yes, in this photo, Lorelei's buns are bare. And yes, Isabelle is dressed as a dinosaur. It was the only pic of Nellie stored on my old computer...the laptop won't connect to the Internet. You never know what the kids will be doing when the camera comes out.


LauraHinNJ said...

What chaos! Naked children, green and purple dinosaurs, teeth-baring dogs! Are you okay, woman?

Seriously, I'll be thinking of you and sending *vibes* for a speedy recovery for your Nellie.

When it rains, it pours :-(

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Laura.
Yeah, that's a pretty accurate snapshot of our lives there. Nellie is showing her teeth, but she's smiling at Isabelle. And Lorelei is going to grow up to be a nudist. Why don't kids like to be clothed?

Mary said...

Susan, I wasn't here in March 06. It looks like things at your house haven't changed too much :o)