Sunday, March 05, 2006

Everyone sit down...I have startling news.Geoff and I actually did something right.I's unprecedented.Geoff gave me a purple martin house for Christmas and I put it together last weekend. Only took 4 hours. Why do things come in 1000 pieces? I dug the hole...slowly, since my foot is not 100% yet. And Geoff and I actually mixed cement yesterday, set the post, and today we raised the house. And it's STRAIGHT. And it's SOLID. We did it!What a great weekend...aside from the bird house, I also put new wiper blades on my car. That's something that I have been putting off.I think my Dad is doing a dance somewhere...I actually listened to his teachings. Check out my purple martin house, Dad!


LauraHinNJ said...

Hope you get them! When are they due in Ohio?

Susan Gets Native said...

Between March 15 and April 1. According to, there have been no Ohio reports yet. I hope I get them, too. It sure is alot of hard work to get them and keep them!