Monday, February 06, 2006

Taking a page from Cousin Cathy

This link was on my cousin Cathy's blog, and I felt it was my duty to pass it on to all of you. It is one of the funniest bits from The Daily Show that I have ever seen! It is about James Frey, Oprah and the strange little double standard we have goin' on.
Be patient with the download...may take a minute...but worth it!


beckperson said...

Do you JUST LOVE "The Daily Show"? Although I'm hard pressed to say whether I like it better than the "Colbert Report".

Love your blog!!!

Geoff said...

Hi, Cathy (aka beckperson), I'm a huge fan of "The Daily Show" and definitely "The Colbert Report." I didn't think anything could trump the "Daily Show," but I think Stephen Colbert does. Anyway, I'm just writing this, because I'm glad to know of someone else out there who is a fan. Susan likes it a lot, too, but sometimes she falls asleep before it starts.