Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's hear it for Verizon

It's not often that you feel obligated to praise a phone company. But today, I gotta.
Geoff went to the library on Friday, and someone broke into my car and took my cell phone. We cancelled the service to that phone immediately and we were told we had insurance on that phone (How about that? I actually made a wise decision once). Yesterday Geoff filed a police report, and I called to start a claim with this insurance company, and get this: I got a new phone delivered TODAY.
I have to say that this has been the best experience with an insurance company (car, health or otherwise) I have ever had. The company's name is Asurion, and they have a friend in me.
(Plus, the phone I have now is WAY better than the one I had...hee hee.)


The Aflac... d-u-u-c-k!! said...

Here, Here, I hear it here. Get a grip. It's an insurance company. That means, by definition, these people are sleazoids. They are obviously in the process of taking over your mind to turn you into an insurance zombie!

Whoaa!! Quick, get me my medication.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thank you, great Father-In-Law, for pointing out my misspelling.
(I had a rat and a kid on me when I was typing)