Thursday, February 02, 2006

An ear full of goo and Baby's First Chest X-Ray

The last few days have been a blur of pink antibiotics and children's Motrin.
On Tuesday morning, from 6 am until 11 am, Lorelei screamed. And cried. And punched. And kicked. Sooooo...we went to the doctor, and I was expecting them to say that she was having History's Most Profound Temper Tantrum, because she didn't have a fever, wasn't pulling at her ears, wasn't vomiting, NADA. The doctor assured me that I didn't waste my copay. The inside of Lorelei's left ear is the color of Santa's coat. Well, we got her antibiotics and went home. Isabelle had been coughing some, and I had promised her some cough syrup. As I gave it to her, I held her close, and it was like hugging a heating pad on high. Took her temp: 102.5.
We decided to watch her overnight, since it was getting late and we had just returned from the doctor's office. Well, we were back at the pediatrician's the next day. To my surprise, the doctor starts telling me where to go to get Isabelle a chest X-ray, because it sounds like she has pneumonia. Soooo....we went to the Mason Children's Hospital Medical Center for an X-ray. Isabelle did GREAT, by the way. They called later, and it turns out to be bronchitis, but they want us to watch her when she isn't sick for signs of asthma. Jeez......!!!
They are doing well now, thank goodness, but I guess I am getting payback for being off my feet for two months.
By the way....Geoff is sick too. But does anyone want to hear about that?

So don't ANYONE come to our will be knocked over by the wall of germs when you open the door.

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