Sunday, February 19, 2006

Birds Birds Birds!!!!

One more day of the Great Backyard Bird Count. I have birded in 5 locations so far...Mom's house, my house, Lake Isabella, Kelley Nature Preserve, and the Loveland Bike Trail.
Here's a list of the birds I have seen so far this weekend...
(Birders just HAVE TO's what we do):
1. Mallards
2. Robins
3. Canada Geese
4. TURKEYS!!! (One was an albino!)
5. Turkey Vultures
6. Blue Jays
7. Mourning Doves
8. Carolina Wrens
9. White-Breasted Nuthatches
10. Carolina Chickadees
11. Song Sparrows
12. House Sparrows
13. Dark-eyed Juncos
14. Eastern Towhees
15. Mockingbirds
16. Cardinals
17. Titmice (that's plural for Titmouse)
18. Goldfinches
19. Downy Woodpeckers
20. Starlings
21. Red Shouldered Hawk!!!
22. Eastern Bluebird- first of the year!
23. Purple Martin-also first of the year!


Hans Autobahn said...

-Do these count?: a double-breasted searsucker; a Downy Woodchuck; the rare Michigan Duck-Loon; Black Beard's Dubloon

Susan Gets Native said...

My father-in-law has entirely too much time on his hands.
On the other hand, besides Shannon and myself, he is the only other person who posts regularly on my really great blog...self-absorbed person that I am...who do I think I am, having this blog...
Sorry, my train of thought got derailed.