Friday, January 20, 2006

This really SUCKS!

Sorry to disappoint all of you, but these pictures are NOT gross.
My home health nurse arrived today to put on my "Wound VAC", which is exactly what it sounds's a machine that puts negative subatmospheric pressure (i.e. vacuum pressure) on my icky wound and this will actually close my wound in about a week or less.
It was not a pleasant experience for the nurse or me to put this machine on, but it will all be worth it, I hope.
The tubing you see is where all the drainage, debris and dead tissue goes and is sucked into a holding canister attached to the vacuum motor. It's a little weird watching my body fluid flowing up this tube and dripping into a plastic cup. YEEWWWW.


D. Oreck said...

You silly consumers, always going with the first or cheapest product you find. My 6 pound Wound Vac would have cleaned out that whole foot in just a few minutes, and is availbale for only thirty-seven easy payments.

Edna Hoover said...

Attention wounded vacuum consumers! Our company is proud to introduce the latest in wound care: THE WOUND WEASEL.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the D. Oreck and Edna Hoover comments, not to suggest that those weren't written by the actual vacuum cleaner legends, but apparently my father and wife respectively have been off their medication. (Yeah, I know the expression, if you don't have anything nice to say...)