Wednesday, January 11, 2006

There is evil afoot

Are you ready for this? I will be visiting the operating room yet again on Friday. My foot has a large, non-healing gap in it, so Dr. Brock is going to do a "power lavage" which is basically blasting the wound with high pressure saline and removing the bacteria, gunk and necrotic (dead) tissue until it bleeds so that the wound can start the healing process over again and hopefully close up this time. I don't have any pictures of my foot right now (I can't find my digital camera anyway) and I know you all will be disappointed. But maybe after the procedure, if you are all good little boys and girls, I may grant you a peek at my now famous foot. :-)


Geoff said...

Don't worry, everyone. The digital camera is well hidden.

Your friend from New Deli. said...

Blessings be upon you oh friend of Babu.