Monday, November 28, 2005

Isabelle's first hand-made ornament

Isabelle has made her first Christmas ornament. She made it at school's a star made out of popsicle sticks with glitter glued onto it. She hung it on the tree and she is so proud. What makes my breath catch is that 30 years from now, she will take it out of her box of ornaments, in her own house, with her own children and husband, and sigh and say, " mom saved this for me." At least, I HOPE she says that. I look at my ornaments and they really take me back.
Thank you, Mom, for taking care of my little masterpieces so that now I can look at them and say, "Wow, my mom saved this for me."


Beth said...

No picture of the ornament?

Susan Gets Native said...

Beth, you're right! Why didn't I take a picture of it? I will try to get one on here soon.

Mike L. Angelo said...

Come on. That had to have been professionally made by a highly skilled star maker. It is BEAUTIFUL.