Saturday, November 26, 2005

Advertising my interests

(Juvenile Cooper's Hawk)

I have two new bumper stickers, and they are being noticed.
One says "For The Birds" and the other one says "I brake for Charismatic Megafauna".
I can read people's lips as they read the second one....and then they turn to the people in their car and say "What the heck is charismatic megafauna?".
(It means big cute animals.)
I had someone honk at me the other day, and I looked around and saw a middle-aged couple waving and smiling at me. I smiled back, a little cautiously, and as the light turned green, I realized that they must be birders. (They had that look about them)
Now I wish I had looked more friendly.

Also, some of my "winter" birds are back...I saw 14 dark-eyed juncos yesterday. Hooray!

1 comment:

Merle Festerman said...

Me and the little woman seen yer car and th bumper sticker. I finally figgered it out. Bless you, dear. You brake for preachers with megaphones.