Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's time for SUSAN to talk now!

Hello, all. I decided that I just have too much to say about the world, and frankly, Geoff is beginning to tune me out. :-)Here's what's new in my world:Isabelle and Lorelei are attending preschool 2 days a week (yea!) and so, the house is alot cleaner and Mommy is alot happier.Geoff is writing his magnum opus, due out sometime in 2007 (mark your calenders!) and he is also writing for Entrepreneur, Baby Talk (where he has a column called Dad's Side), Parenting, lots of other random magazines, and he also writes for the AOL online reality series, "The Start-Up". He's busy, busy, busy.And now, here's what I'm up to. As some of you know already, I have become a birder in the last year and a half (no doubt boring everyone in earshot) and I have also gotten interested in native plants of Ohio and planting for wildlife. I just got our property certifed with the National Wildlife Federation as a BackYard Habitat. If you visit this blog often, you will hear just what I think of alien, invasive plants, and boring yards with nothing but grass and an ornamental tree. Don't take anything I say about it personally...It's just that as a nation, we are not being good stewards of our land. Planting a grass farm is dull, and it is detrimental to wildlife.I will also be posting any cool birds I see on my travels. (With the girls tagging along, the "cool" bird sightings are usually rare.)

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