Friday, January 18, 2008

Hmmm...maybe it wasn't the Feta Cheese.

If you will recall my post from a few days ago, you will remember that I thought maybe the girls got icky from feta cheese. Well, I am rethinking that idea. Geoff got a bit yucky-feeling and as he was feeling better, my stomach began to rebel.

Yesterday, I woke up with a bad headache and weakness. All I got accomplished was a shower and clothes. I spent the rest of the day on the couch or in bed, vomiting and staggering to le toilette. Not pretty. I think I threw up food I haven't even eaten yet.

Today was better...just weak and sleepy.

Let's cleanse with a goofy photo of two goofy dogs:

Shut up Nellie
"Oh, SHUT UP, Nellie!"


Mary said...

Sounds like a virus to be gone soon. Glad you are better, Susan.

And I'm glad you have goofy dogs to surround you with stupid dog-love :o) They can make your day.

NatureWoman said...

I'm glad you're beginning to feel better, and you make me crack up in the middle of it all - throwing up food you haven't even eaten yet - LOL!!!

mon@rch said...

yeck, I hate when I feel that way! Hope it is all gone here soon!