Sunday, February 26, 2006

Attention all of my loyal fans

I am trying to get a video clip from my TV debut. I don't know if that's not allowed by Channel 5 or what...we'll see.
High drama has resulted from that interview. I can't go into too much detail, in order to protect the GUILTY, but I can say that some people are ticked off and they need to get a life.
And Shannon, I love you. You're the best friend anyone can imagine. If I could have walked into a "Best Friend" shop and ordered myself the absolutely best friend ever, I would have ordered you.
You Rock.

I am Trixie and you WILL obey me

Friday, February 24, 2006

Holy white woodpecker, Batman!

Check out this big, beautiful, white pileated woodpecker:

FYI to all you non-birders: Pileated woodpeckers usually have way more black on their backs and wings. This is probably a bird with leucism, or partial albinoism. This bird was found in Big Woods, near the area where the Ivory-Billed woodpecker was found...oh, just read the article.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I just wanted to share this comment from Geoff:
We were just talking about how I could get more traffic on my blog, and I joked that Jim's the only one who leaves comments. Geoff said that he goes to my blog often, and I said, "But you never leave a comment!", and my husband, THE WRITER, the man writing a BOOK, said
"I can't think of anything to say!"

Skipper and Lil' buddy

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Geoff's not the only one who snores around here

Jim went WAAAY back for this one

This is a comment that was posted today, in reference to one of my first posts to this blog, way back in October, and my witty father-in-law feels the need to make fun of my strong opinions...and comes up with some hilarious names along the way, too.

Write on, Jim:

From "Hypocritical names of subdivisions" :
At Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:46:55 PM,
Bert Frimel said...
On behalf of the management and staff of MegaMansions, a division of Comfy Cottages Inc, I would like to take umbrage with your uncalled for utterances. We take great pride in all our developments, especially: "The Swamp at Quagmire Creek," "The Sawmill on Desert Flats" "The Vistas at Rumpke Landfill" "The Wolf's Den at Blitzer's Bayou," and "The Overlook at I-275 Underpass."

A fervent plea

Spring is coming, and I have to beseech everyone to do research before planting this year. Make it a goal to only plant native trees, flowers and shrubs.
Reasons for this:
1. Native birds, mammals, insects and amphibians have co-evolved with native plants, so it is a mutually beneficial relationship.
2. Native plants have evolved to survive in their own climates, so they rarely, if ever, need water, fertilizer or pesticides.
3. Many exotic plants are also aggressive, meaning they will claim space sometimes to the exclusion of all other plants.
Example: Oriental's freakin' everywhere, and it shades out less aggressive native plants, thus no native plants in that area. And the berries are not eaten by many animals or birds. I really hate exotic honeysuckle. When it gets warmer, I will be out in our bushes, chopping and dousing the honeysuckle with boiling water and vinegar.
Please, please, please know what you are planting this year. If you must have an exotic, try it in a container or make sure it doesn't escape (yes, plants can "escape"). Case in point: My beautiful Chinese know how beautiful wisteria is, right? Well, if it escapes into the wild, it can become a massive, dangerous plant. I mean dangerous to native plants...wisteria can choke other plants to death.
If you need help, go to
or call me!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's hear it for Verizon

It's not often that you feel obligated to praise a phone company. But today, I gotta.
Geoff went to the library on Friday, and someone broke into my car and took my cell phone. We cancelled the service to that phone immediately and we were told we had insurance on that phone (How about that? I actually made a wise decision once). Yesterday Geoff filed a police report, and I called to start a claim with this insurance company, and get this: I got a new phone delivered TODAY.
I have to say that this has been the best experience with an insurance company (car, health or otherwise) I have ever had. The company's name is Asurion, and they have a friend in me.
(Plus, the phone I have now is WAY better than the one I had...hee hee.)

Attention Purple Martin Landlords!

The purple martins are coming!!!
In the next few weeks males will be arriving to check out the accomodations. If this is the first year putting up a house, you are more likely to get first-year males (who haven't nested yet) because second-years and so on will return to previous year sites.
Check out books at the library or go to:
(THE purple martin website)
It is a big responsibility to house martins. You need to be willing to do egg counts, throw out interlopers, etc.
The storm water marsh I will be building this year is primarily for the martins...that, and I want to save our foundation at one corner of the house.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our bathing beauty...We'd better find her an agent

Birds Birds Birds!!!!

One more day of the Great Backyard Bird Count. I have birded in 5 locations so far...Mom's house, my house, Lake Isabella, Kelley Nature Preserve, and the Loveland Bike Trail.
Here's a list of the birds I have seen so far this weekend...
(Birders just HAVE TO's what we do):
1. Mallards
2. Robins
3. Canada Geese
4. TURKEYS!!! (One was an albino!)
5. Turkey Vultures
6. Blue Jays
7. Mourning Doves
8. Carolina Wrens
9. White-Breasted Nuthatches
10. Carolina Chickadees
11. Song Sparrows
12. House Sparrows
13. Dark-eyed Juncos
14. Eastern Towhees
15. Mockingbirds
16. Cardinals
17. Titmice (that's plural for Titmouse)
18. Goldfinches
19. Downy Woodpeckers
20. Starlings
21. Red Shouldered Hawk!!!
22. Eastern Bluebird- first of the year!
23. Purple Martin-also first of the year!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shannon, this one's for you

The Great Backyard Bird Count!

Get out those binoculars and get outside this weekend. The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is happening this weekend. I will be birding my butt off this weekend, and would love company. And if you are not that into birds, you can come over and watch the girls while I go birding!
Go to: for more info.

Monday, February 13, 2006

And the winner is...

Jim has won the "Name That Rat" contest.
He submitted Penelope Pestilence as an entry, and when you cut out the "pestilence" part, you have a very good name for a rat. So our new rat's name will be Penny.

Tell him what's he's won, Bob!
Jim, you've won a night of fun, fun, fun! Enjoy watching our two angelic, perfect, No-trouble-at-all girls for an entire evening of your choice, while Geoff and I sadly sulk away to go out to dinner and a movie.
Please claim your prize before the end of the week, or your prize will go to our First Runner Up, Shannon, who had an entry of "Zelda".

Go Quail Shooting with Dick

to go shooting with the Veep.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Listen to this idiot

The moron who left a nasty comment the other day has now left another one.
Here's the level of intelligence I am dealing with here:

Anonymous said...
Only self absorbed people have BLOGS...LOOSER
Sunday, February 12, 2006 6:31:07 PM

Looser? I assume this uneducated loony means "loser", but here's the question...Who is the loser? A nice person who writes her own blog for her FRIENDS and FAMILY, or somebody who has to go to blogs and read about strangers?

This is the last time I will revisit this, but I just had to show all of my nice, sweet, intelligent friends and family members what an idiot this guy is.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Addition to the Family!

A few weeks ago, our little girl rat, Sugar, passed away. Huey, our little boy rat, was sick also, but thanks to Rachel's tender loving care (and vet tech skills) he is improving. But, rats are social critters, and Rachel suggested we get another rat to keep him company. Yesterday, the girls and I went to PetSmart and found a very cute, young girl rat and brought her home. She is yet to be named, so I am asking anyone with a great name for a female rat to post it here! Isabelle likes the names Feisty and Annabelle, but that last one is too close to Isabelle's name, and Feisty just doesn't fit.
So, here's your chance to help us name our newest family member. (I will add her photo ASAP)
She is a hooded rat, with a white body and black head and spine. She is young, active and very spry. We love her already...just need to name her!
I know SOME of you (Mom, Rita...ahem!) cannot fathom why I would love rats so much, because they are, well, Rodents! But remember that these are not sewer rats. The pet rat is as much like a sewer rat as a dog is like a wolf! And here's a neat statistic I read on one of my rat websites: Rats spend one third of their waking hours grooming and cleaning themselves. When you consider that cats spend about one fourth of their waking hours cleaning, that just goes to show you that rats are not the filthy creatures that people think they are!
Okay...enough of my soap-box...think of a cool rat name and send it in! The winner will receive one evening with our girls, to babysit them while we go out. What a prize! Are we generous or what?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The terrible Two's are truly terrible

Oh, Lorelei...
Yesterday morning, Lorelei was once again acting like she was in terrible pain...Screaming, crying, PULLING ON HER EARS...
So we were off to the pediatrician's office again. Get this: There's NOTHING wrong with her, at least medically. Her ears are fine, her lungs are fine, her throat is fine. Sigh... the doc said that it's possible she feels a little bad, and just can't express that, or my favorite childhood statement: "IT'S A PHASE".
She was acting the same after school this afternoon, so I decided to test a theory. I ignored her when she screamed. Guess what? She stopped screaming.
Boy, I just wanna have 10 more.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Time to give

My best friend is involved with Robin's Hood Community Center, which she will explain in her own words...(which I stole from her blog)
And here is the website if you would like to donate money, time, etc...They need it and would appreciate it! Follow the link and click on "Robin's Hood". Amen, SHANNON!!

From Shannon's blog:
Support your local Charity.....
I am sending out a plea to everyone who will read this, to support the charity of their choice. On Saturday I will be attending a ball sponsored by my Coven. Robin's Hood Community Center is an organization that helps not only the homeless, but families in need as well. We help Mom's find jobs, children get school supplies, families with nothing get Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, help with groceries, rent, utilities, etc. The best thing of all is at Christmas time, children and parents get to shop at the Magical Mini Mall - all free of charge. Children who had lost the spirit of Christmas no longer care about their own gifts but are overjoyed at the opportunity to have gifts for their parents, grandparents, and siblings. It is so easy to pass that homeless person on the street and mutter to yourself "bum" or "get a job". I hear that a lot. It's hard to get a job when you have no address or phone number to be reached for an interview. Not all homeless people are druggies or drunks. Believe it or not most homeless people drink to survive. Forget even for a moment what life has dealt them. It's amazing when you hear some of their stories, and you realize that these people aren't bums. They are human beings, with feelings, and dreams just like you and me. Statistics show that 62% of American live paycheck to paycheck (I truly believe that this number is a lot higher), and here is the worst statistic of all, out of those 62%, 24% are two weeks away from being homeless. Think about that!! Chances are someone you know is one of those 24%. Would you call them a bum? I beg of you to support your local charity. If you don't have a charity, well search your local area for homeless shelters, animal shelters, battered women's shelters,children's services, sadly every town has all of these.

Taking a page from Cousin Cathy

This link was on my cousin Cathy's blog, and I felt it was my duty to pass it on to all of you. It is one of the funniest bits from The Daily Show that I have ever seen! It is about James Frey, Oprah and the strange little double standard we have goin' on.
Be patient with the download...may take a minute...but worth it!

Nasty comments from a nasty person

To the person who left me a nasty comment (which was misspelled, by the way):
You obviously don't know that I have Site Tracker software in my blog, and I know who you are, where you are, how long you were at my blog, and what pages you looked at...I even know what kind of computer you were on.
Don't muck up my blog with your lousy attitude...go somewhere else and be ignorant.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

An ear full of goo and Baby's First Chest X-Ray

The last few days have been a blur of pink antibiotics and children's Motrin.
On Tuesday morning, from 6 am until 11 am, Lorelei screamed. And cried. And punched. And kicked. Sooooo...we went to the doctor, and I was expecting them to say that she was having History's Most Profound Temper Tantrum, because she didn't have a fever, wasn't pulling at her ears, wasn't vomiting, NADA. The doctor assured me that I didn't waste my copay. The inside of Lorelei's left ear is the color of Santa's coat. Well, we got her antibiotics and went home. Isabelle had been coughing some, and I had promised her some cough syrup. As I gave it to her, I held her close, and it was like hugging a heating pad on high. Took her temp: 102.5.
We decided to watch her overnight, since it was getting late and we had just returned from the doctor's office. Well, we were back at the pediatrician's the next day. To my surprise, the doctor starts telling me where to go to get Isabelle a chest X-ray, because it sounds like she has pneumonia. Soooo....we went to the Mason Children's Hospital Medical Center for an X-ray. Isabelle did GREAT, by the way. They called later, and it turns out to be bronchitis, but they want us to watch her when she isn't sick for signs of asthma. Jeez......!!!
They are doing well now, thank goodness, but I guess I am getting payback for being off my feet for two months.
By the way....Geoff is sick too. But does anyone want to hear about that?

So don't ANYONE come to our will be knocked over by the wall of germs when you open the door.

The Birthday Girl