Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Non-sequiterous post

I made up that word. Yes, I did.

It snowed last week:
I like da snew momma
"I like da snew, Mamma."

Snowy Squirrel
I tried not to cuss as the snow fell, giving the kids yet another day off school.
I failed.

snowflake 1
It was pretty, as it fell (by southern Ohio standards) in massive amounts.
A light, fluffy snow that was easy to plow and keep ahead of.
Didn't keep the numbnuts out there from panicking and running off roads all over the area.


Empty, for now.....
Empty for now
January 15th is the"safe date" for nesting Great Horned Owls around here...some of the pairs start right on schedule. The Lake Isabella pair seems to favor the end of January into the beginning of February.
Click here and here for other posts about this nest.
Just a few more days until I can start checking the can obsessively.

Our neighbor walks right past one of the RSHA (the big orange lollipop) resting near our prairie:
RSHA and the unknowing neighbor

New River Update:
People started coming out of the woodwork after my last post...and there are a few spots still available at the Farmhouse. If you want to come along and have the time of your life, email me at ASAP. There aren't many slots left for the festival...and we need to register NOW.


Mary said...

Gorgeous crystal flakes, Susan! I envy your snow. Go ahead and laugh, but I do.

Catbird said...

Ack! Walking right by that gorgeous Shoulder! What's up wif dat?!?

Mel said...

Beautiful flakes! Never seen one, haven't seen snow falling yet ;)
Summer has not quite decided to arrive, grey days thes past couple of weeks :(

KGMom said...

You got an actual snowflake portrait? How cool is that?

And the hawk--orange lollipop. I agree with Catbird. I would not walk by--I would stop and have a conversation, beginning with--"so, do you come here often, handsome?"

Chris Petrak said...

Walking right pass the hawk - yes, reminds us all to stay alert and attuned to our world - even it the tiny crystals of a snow flake!

Anonymous said...

I love the dog photo

I love the squirrel photo

my, you get big snow flakes in southern ohio :)

how can anyone walk past that hawk and not even notice? but people do, all the time. you say, "look at that ______ " and the answer is "what ______ ?"

Glad your getting a group for New River - wish I could go again but looking forward to your reports.

RuthieJ said...

Susan, I LOVE those snowflake photos! You're so good!

That woman walking past the RSH looks just like my MIL (only MUCH thinner!). My MIL would not notice such a bird sitting right there either.....

MevetS said...

Very nice snow crystals. I'm jealous.

troutbirder said...

Glad to have run across this blog. I have a lot to learn about raptors!

dguzman said...

Wow, registering for New River already? Sheesh, I'll miss it again.

When I think of how I backed out last time to have moving money for CA, and then I think about how THAT turned out, I could just kick myself.

Dawn Fine said...

Wow! Love your crystal photos! just awesome..
Would love to go to the festival sometime and meet you and the flock.

Deborah Carr said...

Fabulous photos...your photo of the hawk tells a story, doesn't it? Although they share their space gracefully with us, how easy we overlook their presence.

Our own rehab centre here on the east coast of Canada (Atlantic Wildlife Institute) is having funding problems. They've found it difficult to raise the public and gov't support.

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