Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new toy

After taping my camera together since the last time it was broken, I really thought I could get by with it.  It still took photos. The camera was just ugly.  Then, the last straw:  The shutter button fell off.  I tried to repair it with rubber cement, but the mojo was gone.

So goodbye Dear Sony, who got me through 2 NRBNF, and 2 trips to New Jersey, countless bird walks around here, and some good years with the girls.

But I shall not mourn.  Because I got a new one.

A Nikon P500.  This is a point and shoot camera that thinks its a DSLR.

I still have to figure out all the settings, the bells, the whistles.  But I'm very happy with it.
36x zoom. Crazy macro.  It's just overwhelming.
Here are some preliminary shots:
(We haven't had any sun for about 2 weeks, so the light has been BLAH.)

beginning of a serviceberry
The beginning of a serviceberry

blue jay
Blue Jay (from about 30 feet away)

carpenter bee
Peek-a-boo carpenter bee on the mailbox

Jake, my favorite Starbucks barista

girls scooters
The girls at the end of the driveway (they were about 100 feet away)

frog isabelle

macro white pink

garter snake maybe
Garter snake, I think....he didn't want to be photographed

bee and grape hyacinth
Honey bee on grape hyacinth

prothonotary warbler singing
And a Prothonotary Warbler, singing his bright yellow butt off at Lake Isabella.