Monday, May 17, 2010

So sweet, you'll need a root canal

We interrupt my albeit lackadaisical New River posting to bring you the newest star in the Cute Universe.
Kathi caught the Puppy Fever recently, after saying goodbye to wonderful and special Grace.
Seven weeks ago, Kathi found and claimed a Boston Terrier puppy. And just met her yesterday.

The result is just a great big pile of Adorable wrapped in white and black fur named Panda.
Very few words in this post. I mean, really...the photos say enough.
Don't forget to brush your teeth after seeing them.

The need to lick faces, whether they are within reach or not, seems to be a genetic trait among Boston Terriers:

"I'm nowhere near your face, but...I...must...lick..."



So yeah, we're swimming in cute puppiness, but that doesn't mean Mama won't chastise you if you try to eat the carpet:
chewing carpet

"Must shake and kill this hippo...."

"I did it! Hippo no more!"

She has a perfect bottom. As Julie puts it, a tail like "a chocolate chip".

And she runs like a bunny:

Not to exclude Holly, Kathi's older and larger dog....She had a good romp with Isabelle around the pond:

Puppies wear out quickly...

Can you see her?



KGMom said...

Too too sweet.
Did Holly approve of puppy cuteness?
I do wonder how older dogs adapt...just in case we ever decide to add to the pack.

Mary said...

I'm afraid I won't stop smiling today after this dose of sweetness!

littleorangeguy said...

I'd smile too, Mare, except all my teeth fell out!! Gorgeous pup. But if I had to choose, I'd say my favorite picture is the one of Isabelle and the bigger, older dog. Captures the moment nicely.

Susan Gets Native said...

We made sure to fuss over Holly, so she wouldn't be jealous.
Y'all would FREAK over this little puppy.

Nina said...

You're next, Susan.
A Boston in your future?

Kathi said...

KGMom: Holly is tolerant of her new baby sister. She doesn't seek out the puppy, but she does allow the general abuse Panda heaps upon her, even the game of "Chase a tail" which the Panda has invented. But, I did catch her offering a play-bow to Panda, so she must not totally disapprove.

LOG: Thank you for choosing Holly's picture. I am trying very hard not to ignore her in favor of Panda. It's hard, 'cuz babies need so much attention. I think Sunday morning, I'll take my big girl out for a walk without Panda - just some "Mommy and Me" time for Holly.


dguzman said...

So cute! Kathi's new pup is precious!