Monday, January 28, 2008

TVs and BVs for Lynne

Since Lynne could probably use some cheer, I decided to go out today and find the big roost of vultures that hang out near the Cincinnati Nature Center.
They weren't in their usual place, but I found them a few miles down the road:

50 or more turkey and black vultures, basking.

Venue of vultures

BV flyover
Even when I got out of my car, only a few flew off. A very relaxed venue of vultures.

Black vultures 2
Oh, I miss my camera. These pictures would have been so much better. I was using my binoculars with the camera, doing the "digi-bining" thing. It is so not a substitute for a good birding camera. My camera better come back perfect.

Black vulture 1

Basking vulture
Call them ugly if you must. But they are very cool.
Like 'em, Lynne?


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Call them ugly!?!?!? NEVER!

I do like 'em Susan. Their pearly white beaks are just so pretty!
50+? I'd have had to sit down!

A black vulture would be a lifer for me.

Thanks for the cheer. How'd you know?

Kathi said...


I have an upcoming vulture post planned just for you. Susan beat me to it, but I will get it done soon.


RuthieJ said...

It sure would be neat to see vultures year-round. Wonderful that you shared them with Lynne (and the rest of us!)

Nora said...

I love vultures ....the vulture is now our province's emblem for the tour industry and I just did a post on it.

dguzman said...

Lynne, that is a lot of TuVus! Cool, Susan.

We've been getting crows (500+) on the PSU campus for the last few weeks, and it's been murderous! (hee hee hee) Seriously, the poop and the racket are simply terrible. It's never happened before since I've been here, so everyone's asking me what gives. It's like a casting call for a Birds remake.

Anonymous said...

Black Vultures are great and I only wish they would be flying around where I lived! Maybe one day there will be one passing through!

Jess Riley said...

I love that you combined your camera and binocs. Ingenuity and determination in action!

I've been seeing lots more crows around, too. And I'm happy about it! West Nile took a toll on them a few summers back...

Mary said...

I love vultures and watch them every day! Your photos are fantastic despite your sick camera... Having a sick camera would put me right over the edge.

I said vultures are great but a close-up of a turkey vulture isn't too appealing. Sorry.