Monday, November 05, 2007

You want to go. You know you do. I promise you lifers and warm oil foot rubs.

I'm not going to let up until I convince EVERYONE who reads this blog that Magee Marsh is the place to go birding.

Magee Marsh sign

1. There are places to hold a Birds and Beers get-together.

2. Want to see warblers? How would you like to see 37 species of warblers?

3. 2000 acres of marsh, wetland, lake shore.
To quote Mark Shieldcastle, Wetlands Project Leader,
"Magee is one of only four remaining beach ridges along the southern shore of Lake Erie. It is unique because it provides all of the components vital to a marsh system-beach ridge, deep and shallow water, open marsh, sedge meadow, and blue joint stands. It is also one of the few remaining remnants of the Great Black Swamp.”

4. Like eagles? There are bald eagles who nest there. I saw my life bald eagle there. It's not a huge bird of prey trap, but you do get a few.

Yesterday's sunset
5. Lake Erie is the 12th largest freshwater lake in the world. It touches four US states, and Ontario in Canada. You can take the ferry to Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island, or Kelley's Island. Yeah, it's cold in May, but it's fun.

Darn good pic of woodcock no 3
6. We have woodcocks! I saw three in a matter of minutes (after looking for them around home for two years).

Mona Rutger and Baby
7. You can meet Mona Rutger! Nobody does wildlife rehab like Mona.
Or you might run into the Stokes. They poke their heads in occasionally.

single ruddy turnstone
8. Shorebirds? Yep, we got shorebirds...ruddy turnstones...

9. Or like dunlins? Or hundreds of great blue herons, great egrets and cormorants?

10. If all that doesn't faze you, how about this: The current checklist total for bird species:


Like I've said before, I will be there the second weekend in May. I really hope we can get a group together. Trixie sounds ready to go, Lynne seems up for it, Delia and Mary are very tempted....Laura is still on the fence, Nina wants loons, grebes and sandhill cranes (Nina, I have seen plenty of grebes and also my life sandhills there.) How about Pam? Can we tempt you, dearie?
I wonder if May is a good time for Tom?
Kathi wants to go, and if I have anything to say about it, she WILL.

Anyone else? Bueller?


entoto said...

Warm oil foot rubs...Allright!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Been there several times during the time you are going. It is all you say it is. Great!

Maybe I can get there this spring.

Endment said...

What temptation!!!

donaldthebirder said...

I would love to go. You never know what you'll find up on the lake. Do I qualify, since my blog can't be as active as most birder's? (due to slave driving)

Can't anyone go to a Birds and Beers?

Patrick B. said...

Sounds awesome. I've always wanted to visit. Unfortunately, that is the same weekend as the NJ World Series of Birding.

dguzman said...

You had me at "foot rubs!"

I mentioned it to the Kat last night, and she didn't say "another birding festival?" which means YES! So my answer for now is "Count me in!"

Come on, Flockers! Let's go to Ohio!

Susan said...

OK, I've at least gotten as far as mapquesting it - 645 miles 10.5 hours. Hmm, quite a distance, but sure sounds tempting.

dguzman said...

Hmm, 5 hrs 21 mins. AND I could make a pitstop in Lorain OH, birthplace of the greatest living American author, Toni Morrison! I'm SO in!

Anonymous said...

May is a busy time but I think their is one weekend that is Really bad! When are you thinking of doing this?

Mary said...

Bueller? I was absent most of the day but I'm finally here.

Well, I need to find out how far I am from northern Ohio. I need an address and map it for a drive, or find out what the nearest airport is flying from Charlotte.

I'm still thinking... Sounds surreal.

Susan Gets Native said...

Donald: Anyone can come to a Birds and Beers! We would be happy to have you.
Patrick: Bummer. That's a busy weekend everywhere.
Mon@rch: The second weekend in May...the9th through the 12th.

I forgot to mention this little thing....

The events are FREE. No registration fees, no "dinner" tickets costing $65...just free.

dguzman said...

Free is my favorite price!

Kathi said...

Oh, I want to go, no problem there. It is just a matter of getting the time off. Veterinary patients have this most annoying habit of expecting their vet to be there on Saturday when they decide to eat the daffodils or get stung by a bee, and so on.

I'll keep working on it ...

~Kathi, who is fond of free stuff, too

Julie Zickefoose said...

Zick, overcommitted to the hilt from April 1-July 1, bummin'to the maxx

Q said...

This is so tempting!
I would love to see all the birds you mentioned! I will be in Portland, Oregon. Oh well, maybe I can come in 2009.