Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's that time again to make you want to come to Ohio in the Spring

How long's it been since I tried to coerce everyone to come to International Migratory Bird Day at Magee Marsh in Northern Ohio? Too long, I bet.

Reasons to come to Northern Ohio during the Spring migration:

1. KatDoc is coming, too. She's a big ol' birding jinx, but she also freakin' hilarious. That makes up for it.

2. 37 species of warblers. 37. And all of them are sitting so close, you could reach out and touch them. Also, during May, they are in their breeding plumage and they SING!

3. 307 is the current species list for Magee Marsh.

4. It's very, very cheap to visit Port Clinton, Ohio, especially in the off-season. I love Cape May and all, but dang....New Jersey is EXPENSIVE!

5. Lake Erie is beautiful. Sure, oceans are neat and all. But Lake Erie doesn't have jelly fish and sharks to bother you.

6. Stinkers galore. They are in the ditches along all the roads. Everywhere you look. Sometimes right along side great egrets. I know I am there when they start appearing on the roadside.

7. Getting into Magee Marsh and many other areas up there are FREE. Of course, donations are welcome (and should be given freely), but there are no costly "programs", etc.

8. Toledo's airport is only about an hour from Port Clinton.
You could fly in...Lynne....Mary...Pam...Susan...Laura...everyone else....

9. I will be there. And I am fun and stuff. I will get you lots of raptors. And I will let everyone use the hot tub in my hotel room. And give you foot rubs after a rough day of birding. And get you drunk at the first Ohio version of Birds 'n' Beers.

10. I've said it all already, but I have to reiterate.....It's beautiful, it's the birdiest place in Ohio (and in the Top Ten Birdiest spots in the U.S.), and it's a heck of a lot of fun.
Come be a part of The Flock. When the birds migrate, so do we!


Kathi said...

"A big ole birding jinx." Hmmph. I resemble that remark. If I could ever get my lousy dial-up to cooperate, I would show you some awesome bird photos from Florida.

More reasons to come to Magee Marsh:

No warbler neck. Seriously, the boardwalk is elevated and the birds are low, and you can see warblers without getting that horrible crick in your neck.

And even though I am going to be there, not even I can jinx all the warblers at Magee Marsh. Nor the Scarlet Tanagers or the orioles or the other totally awesome spring migrants.

And Susan will be there. Now, I know, from her blog, she seems pretty quiet and shy, but trust me, this girl is a WHOOT in person. No, make that a Double WHOOT on the rocks, with a twist.

So, no excuses. Come to Ohio in May - it is the ONLY place to be!


Beth said...

You know I'm not LIKE you other bird people. I post pictures of children and beans and such. No birdies for me. But I do appreciate you, and I think, Susan, that a few days with you chasing birds around, or whatever you people do, would be pretty darn close to fun. However, being a non-birder who didn't make the engraved invitation list, I'll refrain from attending (pout).

Also, because I have lived in Northeastern Ohio in what you jokingly call 'spring', which is generally what the rest of the world calls 'winter that won't stop'. The reason that jellyfish and sharks don't disturb you in Lake Erie is because IT'S FROZEN. Or at least damn cold. Spring? - ha!

Now, the hot tub deal sounds appealing. Do we get the foot rubs before or after intoxication? Because I just might reconsider. I'm loving me some raptor-style footrubs...

Seriously, I do love Ohio...

Kathi said...

Oooh, Grace - if you consider yourself a "non-birder" then consider yourself invited. Because, as I will demonstrate if and when my stinkin' dial-up ever works, I get my best birds with non-birders. I never see any birds with Susan. (I think she is a big ole birding jinx.)

PS: PLEASE don't tell anybody about spring on Lake Erie. We want them to think they will have FUN, not get frostbite!

~Kathi, personally inviting Grace, Every Day, to come be part of the Flock

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Susan, you KNOW I want to come. I still have an airfare credit (from that birding festival that I missed) but it's Mother's Day weekend and I'm scheduled to work and I can't get it off. However- when we DO meet to go birding together I fully expect the drunken footrub offer to stand.


Mary said...

A drunken footrub? Birds and Beers? Who needs birds?

Amy said...

I consider myself very lucky to live 5 miles from Magee Marsh. Growing up, I took it for granted. But now I can appreciate it. On the 16th my son and I will be participating in the migratory raptor workshop and we'll volunteer to count them as they pass through the area. I'm anxious to get started!

entoto said...

Now what day is this to happen?

Also, come get your award at my place, woman.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to convince me . . just rough time of the year! Just today I was asked to be a judge for some photos which paid me $75!! It's on the 10th and I needed to turn it down because I couldn't commit that day! But, who knows . . . At the last second I could crash your party! I know that if the fall event didn't cost as much as it did (jaw dropped when I heard) . . . I would have crashed Cape May!

Mary said...

What are the dates?

Susan Gets Native said...

Everyone is invited. Birders, non-birders....and if you are a non-birder, I bet you one drunken foot rub that you will be a birder by the end of the weekend.
The dates are May 10th and 11th. I get there, gleefully, on Friday and leave tearfully on Sunday.

Amy: I suspect I will get to meet you this year? Since you are in the neighborhood and all.
Lynne: Give me the name and number of your boss and I will work something out.

NCmountainwoman said...

No way you can call KatDoc a jinx again. Anyone who can coax a lifer to actually sit on her head is not a jinx. AND having someone to take a picture to prove to the skeptics that it really happened.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh Susan... you make it sound so wonderful!

And I was about to do a plug for Cape May in the spring!


Susan said...

Wow, you must be on the publicity committee - sure sounds good!

Amy said...

I will mark my calendar and cross my fingers that I don't work that weekend. I'll keep an eye out for you!