Thursday, December 20, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things....the RAPTOR edition

I thought I would begin a series of my favorite things. I started this a while back, but it never went anywhere. Since Christmas is just around the corner, now's a good a time as any...
Some of my favorite RAPTOR:

helen me and girls
One of my favorite pictures of a bird and myself. Helen, our very old red-tailed hawk. She died about 3 months after this was taken. She was so beautiful.

Okay...what can you say about this one
Never has an owl looked so....what? Is there a word for how pitiful this is?

That's more like it...he looks like a little owl-angel.

Big ol earl and me
Earl, our turkey vulture. Earl....sigh. I would like it very much if we could become friends. I can't take her out for programs because her carrier won't fit in my car, but even so...she doesn't think much of me. One of our volunteers said that it's just that I am not interpreting Earl's love properly.

Can I come up there please
Ahh... the time Lucy stepped onto my shoe and tried to climb up my pants. God love her.

I disapprove of your panty hose
Sylvester, the great horned owl, does not approve of my panty hose.

Elvis...I miss him very much.

Isabelle's pic of Elvis
...and so does Isabelle.

A sign just for me!
When the public appreciates my makes it all worthwhile.

I love Lucy. Period.

Isis glow
Even Isis, in her bitchy-prone attitude, is a vision of loveliness.

Watching the citizen who called us about an injured bird RELEASE that same
Isn't it nice when people CARE?

No No
I love being able to go look at a barn owl whenever I want.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That was one pitiful owl picture. I am just jealous of all the gorgous raptors you are personal with.

dguzman said...

Great post! WTF happened to that owl? I thought it was a puppet that someone had "loved" too much!

Susan Gets Native said...

Isn't he awful-looking? I feel so lucky to be able to handle those birds. Big time coolness!
Our screech owls (and other centers' screech owls) go through a really ugly molt at the end of the summer. No one is sure why...something to do with captivity. But they fluff out well before the snow starts flyin'.

Mary said...

PITIFUL IS THE RIGTH WORD! I just want to hug her, give her some chocolate, and a nice hot bubble bath. I assume it's a her...

Your favorite things are the best, Susan. Many people really do care.

Mary said...

Oops. I should have read the previous comments first :o/